CAMCAT® Vertical System at the set of Troy (Warner Brothers), 2004. (image by CAMCAT® SYSTEMS GmbH)


The CAMCAT® Vertical, a variant of the CAMCAT® STANDARD, is an advanced, fully remote controlled cable camera system designed to run between two vertical fixed points up to 300m apart at speeds of up to 26 km/h. The CAMCAT® Vertical camera buggy can accept a range of payloads. You can use open platform stabilised mounts fitted with different cameras up to 35mm or IMAX as well as stabilised mounts with integrated camera and lens. 

CAMCAT® Vertical System (image by CAMCAT SYSTEMS)


Examples of open platform stabilised mounts:

  • Libra Head
  • Scorpio Head
  • Stab-C
  • Mini-C
  • Flight Head

Examples of stabilised mounts with integrated camera and lens:

  • Wescam
  • Cineflex

Certified from the German Health and Safety Group (TÜV) including BGVC1.

More information available on request.


max. speed: 7,2 m/s, 26 km/h, (16 mph)
max acceleration: 1,35 m/s²
5,3 s or 19,2 meter to top speed
max payload 100 kg (220 lbs)
length: standard length up to 300 m (1000 ft)
longer length on request
dimensions (base)  



3,2 m (10,5 ft)

1,1 m (3,6 ft)

2,1 m (6,9 ft)

550 kg (1212 lbs)
power supply: power current
3 x 400V - 32 Ampere